iBDC Group

iBDC Group is an interdisciplinary consulting firm consisting of independent consultants and iBDC Leipzig GmbH. The activities of the whole group also inlcude cooperations in different consulting areas such as digitalization.

Part of iBDC Group are:
   Michael Richter - IHR Firmenberater
   saskia richter Marketing Consulting
   iBDC Leipzig GmbH

The Business Development Consulting of iBDC Group comprises all relevant topics dealing with the mid- and long-term business trends and the development of your business within this scope.

You can especially benefit from the national and international experience of our consultants.

Accordingly, in our portfolio we differentiate between national and international Business Development Consulting (BDC) services.


In order to help our clients reduce costs, we always present the project plan in combination with a subsidies plan. This includes all the possible promotional programmes offered by your home and/or target country.