Our interdisciplinary consulting team is characterised by different backgrounds, long-time project and international experience as well as professional competency.

Depending on the scope and topic of the consulting project we compile your consulting team.

Saskia Richter (M.Sc.)

General Manager, Manager International Consulting

"Everything you can imagine is real."

(Pablo Picasso)

After finishing her studies at the prestigious HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Ms Richter spent several months in Santiago de Chile, working at the German-Chilean chamber of commerce, consulting German companies entering the Chilean market and attending German delegations.

Ms Richter acquired a "Diploma in Psychology of Sales" in 2015 and and attended in 2016 an Open University course in negotiation at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

In September 2016 Ms Richter was appointed memeber of the Foreign Trade Committee of Leipzig's Chamber of Commerce.

Ms Richter is your contact person for consulting projects with an international focus outside of Germany. You can reach her at

Michael Richter (Dipl.-Ing., Betriebswirt VWA)

Authorised Officer, Manager National Consulting

"Who always does what he is already able to do,

always remains what he already is."

(Henry Ford)

Mr Richter completed his training as an engineer for electrical power plants and attended additional studies in the field of business administration. Afterwards he worked as a consultant for enterprises in various banks from 1991 to 2005. During this time period, he took another degree in business administration in Leipzig.

Since 2006 he is an independent consultant, accredited by the KfW and the RKW Sachsen.

In 2012 Mr Richter completed a company valuation programme and is a certified KMU Fachberater Sanierung® (SME expert adviser for reorganisation). Two years later, in 2014, he took a further training in business succession and received the certification as KMU Fachberater Unternehmensnachfolge® (SME expert adviser for business succesion).

Mr Richter is your contact person for projects in the area of national Business Development Consulting in Germany. You can reach him at

Santiago Herrera (B.Eng.)

Junior Consultant, International Consulting

"The secret of succes is

to take the other's point of view".

(Henry Ford)

Mr Iván Santiago Herrera González was born in Bogotá, Colombia and realised an apprenticeship al technical drawer. In March 2018 he finished his bachelor studies in power and environmental engineering at HTWK Leipzig and earlier on realised an internship in electrical engineering at Robert Bosch Madrid.

The focus of his professional activities lies on decentralised energy supply and the integration of alternative energy systems.

In October 2018 he will apparently start his Masters' degree at HTWK Leipzig, focusindg again on power and environmental engineering.

Mr Herrera is mainly involved in international projects having a focus on Latin American markets. You can reach him at