International consulting topics

When business is going well but the local market is saturated, many entrepreneurs consider discovering and exploring new markets.

When a promising business is limited by saturated local market, bold entrepreneurs consider exploring and benefiting from (exploiting) new markets. Normally, entering other European markets is the first step but there is a high potential outside Europe as well. German products and services are especially well regarded due to their high quality and reliability.

However, many companies underestimate the expenditure of time required to over come challenges and achieve a successful internationalisation of their business. All too often they fail to enter the new market and waste considerable time and money because the markets are structured differently and have their own rules. 

iBDC Group helps companies develop a successful plan to enter foreign markets due to our country-specific knowledge, language competencies and our cultural acumen.

We are offering our consulting services for the following countries:

We consult and support in the organisation of your sales network in the above mentioned countries, in direct or indirect import/export proceses as well as in the planning and management of binational projects.

Market exploration and market entry

Market and necessity analyses for the countries of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico) and Argentina

Ellaboration market entry strategy

Support during negotiations (together with partners)

Business initialisation and market development

Identification of potential business partner profile in the target market

Ellaboration market development strategy

Looking for potential business partners and first get in touch (together with partners)

Continuous client and sales management

Export and sales financing

Documentary business

Letters of credit


Debt claims and buyer credits

Hermes credit guarantees

Innovation management

Definition of innovative business models, products and services especially designed for international markets

Ellaboration of inovation strategy (open and closed) together with internationalisation strategy

Network management

Akquisition and management of international, mainly binational, projects within the countries of the Pacific Alliance and Argentina

Coordination of collaboration between economy and science in different countries

R&D cooperation networks between Germany and the countries of the Pacific Alliance