National consulting topics

Due to the hectic pace of modern business, potential business development opportunities are often over looked. Moreover, managers may be unaware of strategic alternatives and their consequences for company success are unknown.

All too often enterprises react to these opportunities too slowly or in an insufficient manner, if they act at all.

That is why personally meet with you and conduct an in-depth analysis of your current situation and define the scope of the consulting project.  This leads to a consulting plan that reflects the aims and milestones you wish to achieve.

No matter if you are starting your business, reorganising your business or planning for a future business succession, we are ready to aid in your company’s business development.


Brainstorming & preparing market analyses

Ellaboration business plan incl. financing conceptualisation

Communication and commercialisation strategy

Definition and optimisation of business processes in different sectors

Business succession

Company and market analysis

Determination of the company value

Ellaboration succession plan incl. investments, sales and liquidity

Support during negotiations


Round Table consulting to identify weaknesses

Turn Around consulting to optimise the business processes

Ellaboration of restructuring plans

Financing & subsidy management

Consulting in different areas and sectors regarding the financing and funding possibilities based on a previous analysis of the company's financial situation

Marketing & brand management

Communication plans for different areas and branches

Ellaboration marketing strategy incl. marketing mix

Definition of Corporate Identity and subsequent visualisation within the Corporate Design (together with partners)


Analysis of weaknesses regarding digital marketing and digital processes

Definition digital strategy for front-end and back-end processes

Definiton of digital business models

Realisaiton of digital roadmap together with todo42 Software GmbH

Innovation management

Definition of innovative business models, products and services as well as business organisations

Ellaboration innovation strategy (open and closed)